torbjörn hultmark
musician / composer / liveelectronics / teacher / audioproductions / theSTPsoprano trombone project






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born 1957 in stockholm, sweden,
moved to the UK in 1984,
naturalised british citizen since 2004, dual swedish/british citizenship

graduate studies of trumpet and composition at musikhögskolan, göteborg, sweden,
and at the national centre for orchestral studies, goldsmith's college, london, UK

BBC radio 3, lysis,
chaconne brass, music at mill house, headspace,
the friends of the royal stockholm philharmonic orchestra

music performed extensively in the UK and worldwide,
broadcast on BBC radio 3, classic fm etc.

published by
composers edition, onyx brass, brass wind publications, svensk musik

video score of a lullaby (2008)
brass quintet and electroacoustic tape
a BBC radio3 commission
chaconne brass [deux-elles DXL1141]
published by composers edition

video score of a sketch of gaul (1999)
brass quartet and keyboard
played by
chaconne brass [CBCD1101]
published by composers edition


a lullaby
the standout piece here is "a lullaby" by torbjörn hultmark...
an absorbing, lively experience ',
anthony quinn, the independent (CD review four stars)

an outstanding and fresh-sounding contemporary composition...'
this is an exciting new work for advanced soloists seeking
new and original sounding trumpet music
luis engelke, international trumpet guild journal, june 2013

a fairy tale
in equal measures hilarious and terrifying...'
a sensational performance of a unique and fantastical piece!'
richard leonard, the brass herald, march/april 2017