torbjörn hultmark
musician / composer / liveelectronics / teacher / audioproductions / theSTPsoprano trombone project




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live-electronics artists and sound designer, gradually developed since the 1990s
pioneering work, based around an ever- evolving complex setup
involving live processing via a large range of MIDI controllers
through logic's mainstage, ableton live, supercollider,
maxMsp and max for live.

dean & hultmark, 'music for soprano trombone, piano and live electronics'
album on bandcamp, released 2018

programming in supercollider by oded ben-tal
programming in MaxMSP bu roger dean
custom-made MIDI controllers by actition

performed and recorded by
the BBC, notes inégales (CD envoi),
spontonality, australysis and chaconne brass

collaborations with:
the turntablist matt wright,
peter wiegold's notes inégales,
the drum&bass artist grofus, aka dr.duits,
the pianist and electronics artist roger dean,
tim ewers and oded ben-tal at kingston university,
sinfonia 21 as part of their work at imperial college london,
spontonality [matthew barley, tony woods, zoë martlew, julian bliss and tim west]

BBC Radio 3: the electroacoustic work 'a lullaby'.
royal swedish philharmonic orchestra's chamber series:
1-hr electroacoustic programme, premiere february 2018.
the friends of the RSPO: quartet for the orchestra's principals,
electroacoustic music and live electronics, premiere stockholm april 2018